New Locks for Our New Home

My husband and I have been very frugal the last five years. We wanted to get out of debt, and we also wanted to save for a down payment on a house. It took three years to get out of debt living this way, and another two years for our down payment. We found the most charming house the first day we started looking for our forever home, and the closing went fast. The nice thing about this house is that the only thing we needed to do before moving in was to hire the cheapest locksmith in Brisbane.

Living so frugally for most of our married lives is what made this the rule rather than the exception. We knew that there would be a wide range of prices amongst the local locksmiths for doing the same work. No matter who we hired, that locksmith was going to put new locks on our front door, our back door, and the gate. It didn’t matter if it was the most expensive locksmith or the cheapest one, so why not go for the one that is going to keep more money in our own pockets.

Since we were new to this area, we decided to stay local even though we did not know anyone yet. We looked online because while we wanted the cheapest locksmith, we also wanted a competent one. Sometimes you do get what you pay for, so we had to balance everything out to make sure we were getting not only an inexpensive locksmith but a competent one too. When we made our decision, we knew it was the right one as soon as we met the locksmith when he came out to change the locks. He was very nice, and he was also very informative and quick. We now have new locks in our new home, and life is going exactly how we planned for it to go!